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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)

Current Projects

1999-041-1-600 - Bioavailability of xenobiotics in the soil environment

2001-022-1-600 - Global availability of information on agrochemicals

2001-023-1-600 - Agrochemical spray drift: Assessment and mitigation

2001-026-1-600 - Use of reference soils for testing fate and effects of chemicals

2001-039-1-600 - Pest management for small-acreage crops: a cooperative global approach

2003-013-1-600 - Crop protection chemistry in Latin America: Harmonized approaches for environmental assessment and regulation

2003-011-3-600 - A critical compendium of pesticide physical chemistry data

2003-058-1-600 - Air pollution models in environmental management and assessment

2004-011-1-600 - Development of simplified methods and tools for ecological risk assessment of pesticides

2005-024-2-600 - Establishment of guidelines for the validation of qualitative and semi-quantitative (screening) methods by collaborative trial: a harmonized protocol*

2006-015-3-600 - Evaluation of food and feed safety implications of (altered) residues of pesticides applied on transgenic (GM) crops

2006-017-2-600 - Crop protection chemistry in Asia: Harmonized approaches for safety evaluation, regulation, and protection of trade

2006-039-2-600 - Extraction and fractionation methods for exposure assessment related to trace metals, metalloids and hazardous organic compounds in terrestrial environments*

2006-044-2-600 - Environmental risk assessments for the registration of pesticides used in rice paddy fields

2006-049-2-600 - Combination of chemical analytical measurements and remote sensing techniques for coastal water monitoring. The cases of Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea

2007-017-1-600 - What are dietary fibres?

2007-050-2-600 - Climate and global change: observed impacts on planet earth*

* Interdivisional project



2004-005-2-500 - Comparable pH measurements by metrological traceability

2004-017-1-500 - Standardization of analytical approaches and analytical capacity-building in Africa

2004-022-3-400 - Terminology and measurement techniques of starch components

2006-011-1-600 - Critical review of available methods to predict VOC emission potentials for pesticide formulations

2006-014-1-600 - Biophysico-chemical processes involving natural nonliving organic matter in environmental systems




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