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Subcommittee on Nomenclature, Properties, and Units in Laboratory Medicine

Recent Reports and other Publications

> Properties and Units in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences:

> Coding scheme for Properties in Laboratory Medicine, Chem. Int. 22(6), 2000

> Glossary of Terms in Quantities and Units in Clinical Chemistry
Pure Appl. Chem. 68, 957-1000 (1996) [full text - pdf 1567 kB]

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Other publi/links of interest:

> Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences; J.C. Rigg, S. S. Brown, R. Dybkaer, H. Oleson, Blackwell Science,1995 [ISBN 0865426120]

> Glossary of Terms Used in Medicinal Chemistry; Pure Appl. Chem. 70(5), 1129-1143 (1998)


> Division VII publications


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