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~ Shortcut to News & Notices from IUPAC
~ ~ 2001 winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
~ Recent publications
~ Provisional recommendations
~ Projects front
~ Beakers & Flasks

- - - - - -- SHORTCUT to NEWS & NOTICES from IUPAC -- - - - - -

* Report of IUPAC Activities 2000

* Information on the 41st General Assembly and the 38th Congress in

* IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists - 2002 Solicitation


- - -- 2001 winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists -- - -

Congratulations to . . .

* Soumyakanti Adhikari, for his Ph.D. thesis work entitled "Radiation
chemical studies on biological and other important molecules in
micelles, microemulsions and aqueous solutions"

* Michelle Louise Coote, for her Ph.D. thesis work entitled "The origin
of the penultimate unit effect in free-radical copolymerization"

* Stephan Link, for his Ph.D. thesis work entitled "Spectral Properties
and relaxation dynamics of surface plasmon electronic oscillations in
gold and silver nanodots and nanorods"

* Teri Wang Odom, for her Ph.D. thesis work entitled "Electronic
properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes"

* Paolo Samorí, for his Ph.D. thesis work entitled "Self-assembly of
conjugated (macro)molecules: nanostructures for molecular electronics"

The awards to the four winners of the IUPAC 2000 Prize and the five
winners of the IUPAC 2001 Prize will be made during the Grand Opening
session of the IUPAC Congress in Brisbane, Australia.

- - - - - -- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -- - - - - -

* Physical Organic Chemistry
Femtochemistry, molecular recognition, megamers were among the "hot"
fields highlighted at the 15th International Conference on Physical
Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 15) (Göteborg, Sweden, 8—13 July 2000). Twelve
of the plenary lectures are now published in Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 72,
No. 12, pp. 2219-2358 (2000); conference editor, P. Ahlberg

Contributions from E. Zagatto, E. Lindner, E. Bulska, H. van Leeuwen,
J.D.R. Thomas, M. Mascini, and W. Davison, at the 11th European
Conference on Analytical Chemistry (Lisbon, Portugal, 3-9 September
2000) are published in Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 1-54
(2001); conference editor, Maria Filomena Camoes

* Medicinal Chemistry
Better and safer drugs - that was the theme, addressed from many angles,
at the XVIth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (Bologna,
Italy, 18-22 September 2000). Presentations on the New Development in
anti-HIV Chemotherapy, and the Continuing Evolution of the Drug
Discovery Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry are published in Pure
Appl. Chem.
, Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 55-75 (2001); conference editor,
Giuseppe Ronsisvalle
The full text of all the lectures are being published in Il Farmaco,
Vol. 56, Nos. 1-2, 2001

* Green Chemistry
Lectures presented at the International Symposium on Green Chemistry
(Delhi, India, 10-13 January 2001) and publsihed in PAC reflect the
scientific diversity of the meeting and its effective coverage of the
basic concepts of and technology tool kit for green chemistry.
Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 77-203 (2001); conference editor,
J.H. Clark


- - - - - -- PROVISIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS -- - - - - -


* Nomenclature for the C60-Ih and C70-D5h(6) Fullerenes (III.1)
Comments by 30 November 2001

* Selectivity in Analytical Chemistry (V.1)
Comments by 30 September 2001

* Nomenclature for isotope, nuclear, and radioanalytical techniques (V.7)
Comments by 31 August 2001

* NMR Nomenclature: Nuclear Spin Properties and Conventions for Chemical
Comments by 31 August 2001


- - - - - -- PROJECTS FRONT -- - - - - -

* "Think IUPAC Project"
An OPEN MEETING at Brisbane is being organized to review the project
approval process and to encourage current Commission members and other
members of IUPAC bodies to submit projects. The meeting will consist of
a review of the process, including a description of the kinds of
projects that are suitable for IUPAC. After the review, there will be an
opportunity for questions and discussion from the participants.
The meeting is scheduled from 16:00-18:00 on Friday 29 June 2001.
Location will be announced at Brisbane.
Beer and wine will be served after the meeting !
> To read more about IUPAC Projects, review the current projects, find
out which one are completed or new, download a submission form and
guidelines, etc.



- - - - - -- BEAKERS & FLASKS -- - - - - -

- - Fresh Water: Contribution of Chemistry to Quantity and Supply - Can
the fresh water supply be sustained?

This recent collaborative venture with UNESCO was explored during the
Nov. 2000 annual meeting of the Committee.

* Green Chemistry Education
The IUPAC Subcommittee on Green Chemistry (SC of the Organic and
Biomolecular Chemistry Division), in collaboration with OECD
(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), is organising
a Workshop on Green Chemistry Education. The Workshop will be hosted by
the Interuniversity Consortium Chemistry for the Environment.

* OECD Environmental Outlook for the Chemicals Industry
This report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development examines the wide range of past and current policies
designed to manage risks posed by the production and use of chemicals,
and the key safety issues for the future.
> Available on the OECD website

The 5th Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry will be
held during 1-30 September 2001. Contact: Prof. Dr. C. Oliver Kappe,
ECSOC-5 Chairman, Institute of Chemistry, Karl-Franzens-University of
Graz, Austria.


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