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Chemrawn Committee

Meeting in Paris, France, September 2002

Front row: Prof. Patrick Moyna, Dr. John Malin, Prof. Fedor Kuznetsov, Prof. Erwin Buncel. Second row: Dr. Parry Norling, Dr. Min Che Chon, Prof. Raymond Hamelin.
Back row: Dr. Alan Smith, Dr. Pierre Potier (President of the Maison de la Chimie, Paris), Dr. Jerzy Kopytowski, Prof. Ikenna Onyido, and Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram.

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Meeting in Brisbane, Australia, 3-4 July 2001

Front row, left to right: Dr. M.Imaanari, Prof. F.A. Kuznetsov, Prof. P. Moyna
Standing, left to right: Dr. J.M. Malin, Dr. S. Sivaram, Prof. E. Buncel, Dr. M.J. Droescher, Prof. I. Onyido, Dr. A. Smith, Dr. P.M. Norling, Prof. J.A. Kopytowski, Dr. Min Che Chon, Prof. R. Hamelin

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Meeting in Paris, France, 4-5 November 2000

Front row, left to right: Dr. Alan Smith, Prof. Erwin Buncel, Dr. Parry Norling, Dr. John Malin, Dr. Makoto Imanari.
Back row, left to right: Dr. S. Sivaram, Prof. Raymond Hamelin, Prof. Ikenna Onyido, Dr. Min Che Chon, Prof. Michael Droescher, Prof. Patrick Moyna, Prof Jerzy Kopytowski, Prof. Fedor Kopytowski.

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