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Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications (CPEP)


Chairman: Prof. Leslie Glasser
Dr. Bohumir Valter


> goldbook.iupac.org

> Subcommittee on Electronic Data Standards

> namespaces/ThermoML

> Members
> Composition and Terms of Office
> Terms of Reference

Reports of Activities
> 2006-2007 (pdf file - 39KB)
> 2004-2005 (pdf file - 17KB)
> 2002-2003 (pdf file - 11KB)
> 2000-2001 (pdf file - 18KB)
> 1998-1999 (pdf file - 15KB)


Current Projects

2002-020-2-024 - Data exchange standard for near infrared spectra and general spectroscopic calibration data types

2007-014-1-024 - Software framework for transformation of IUPAC Color Books to XML

2007-016-1-024 - Enhancement of the electronic version of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology

2007-039-1-024 - Extension of ThermoML - the IUPAC standard for thermodynamic data communications


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