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Committee On Chemistry and Industry (COCI)

Composition and Terms of Office

(i) There shall be a standing Committee on Chemistry and Industry, composed of a Chairman, a Secretary, six other Titular Members and up to six Associate Members. In addition, each NAO representing a country having more than one Company Associate may propose a National Representative to COCI. By mutual agreement, two or more NAOs in a given geographic region that has more than three Company Associates may jointly propose a National Representative from that region.

(ii) The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Chairman, the Secretary, the Members and the National Representatives. The President may, at his option, designate one of the Titular Members as Vice-Chairman. Candidates may be proposed by the Committee on Chemistry and Industry and by National Adhering Organizations having Company Associate programs.

(iii) The period of service for all categories of Members and National Representatives shall be four years, renewable for a further term of four years.

(iv) The Membership shall be reviewed every two years by the incoming President, in consultation with the Executive Committee.

(v) The sum of the years of service as a Member and as the Chairman or the Secretary shall not exceed ten years.

Revised September 2003

Page last modified 30 September 2003
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