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Completed Projects - 1998-1999

The list below is a compilation of the projects completed (or abandoned) during the 1998-1999 biennium, and since the publication of the 13th listing in the IUPAC Handbook 1998-1999.

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Physical Chemistry Division

120/13/92 - Thermodynamics of Fast Ionic Conductors
120/17/97 -
Chemical Thermodynamics in 21st Century
121/12/89 - Critical Compilation of Activity Coefficients at Infinite Dilution in Nonelectrolyte Mixtures (abandoned)
121/15/93 - Nomenclature of phase diagrams with particular reference to vapour-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria
121/16/93 - Vapour-Liquid-Equilibria and Related Properties in Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Ethers with l-Alkanols and n-Alkanes
122/2/85 - Internationally Available Data Bank of Recently Published and Still Unpublished Experimental Data on Transport Properties (abandoned)
122/4/91 - Transport Properties of Fluids - Theory and Representation
130/24/89 - Spectroelectrochemistry - A Survey of in situ Spectroscopic techniques
130/29/93 - Nanostructures in Electrochemistry, In-Situ Probe Techniques for Studies of Electrochemical Interfaces
130/30/93 - Electrocrystallization: Concepts and Terminology for Theory and Experiments
130/31/93 - Impedance of Electrochemical Systems: Terminology, Nomenclature and Representation, Part II - Cells with Semiconductor Electrodes and Liquid Solutions (abandoned)
150/19/93 - Guidelines for the Presentation of Instrumental Parameters in Optical and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Fourier Transform Spectroscopies
150/23/95 - Spectroscopic Intensities; Related Quantities, Nomenclature, and Symbols
165/15/89 - Environmental Protection: Surface, Colloid and Catalytic Aspects

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Inorganic Chemistry Division

220/30/95 - Transfermium Element Nomenclature
230/23/89 - Terminology for Diffusion in the Solid State (Revised Title)
240/3/91 - Trace Elements (Li, Cu, Zn) in Calf Serum
240/6/93 - Establishing International Comparability of Measurements of Trace Elements in Natural Water
240/8/95 - Trace Elements in Plastics
240/10/96 - Trace Elements in Human Serum

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Organic Chemistry Division

302/2/96 - Chemistry for the Utilization and Preservation of Bioorganic Resources and Diversity
310/4/81 - Phane Nomenclature: Part I - revised
312/23/87 - Nomenclature of Group 14 Organometallic Compounds (abandoned)
- Guidelines for Publication of Research Results from Empirical Force Field Calculations
320/18/93 - Critical Compilation of Scales of Medium Effects
330/18/95 - Water Treatment and Photocatalysis, Part II: Quantum Yields and Turnover Numbers in Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

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Macromolecular Chemistry Division

401/1/93 - Recycling of Polymers
410/9/83 - Source-Based Nomenclature for Non-Linear Macromolecules and Macromolecular Assemblies (revised title)
410/23/93 - Definition of Terms Relating to the Non-Ultimate Mechanical Properties of Polymers
428/5/93 - Critically Evaluated Database of Kinetic Parameters for Free-Radical Polymerization
428/6/97 - Critically Evaluated Database of Kinetic Parameters for Free-Radical Polymerization - 2
430/1/91 - Polymer Liquid Crystals (abandoned)

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Analytical Chemistry Division

501/7/95 - Protocol for the Use of Recovery Factors
501/9/97 -
Compilation and Clarification of Quality Assurance Related Nomenclature
510/29/95 - Reporting Low-level Analytical Data (abandoned)
510/32/95 - Classification and Use of Terms for Amplification and Related Reactions
520/22/95 - Enhancement of Environmental Analytical Laboratories in Developing Countries (abandoned)
520/24/97 - Element speciation by capillary electrophoresis (abandoned)
520/25/97 - Speciation Analysis for Metal-biomacromolecule Complexes using Hyphenated Techniques
521/9/89 -
Extraction and Preconcentration of Some Environmental Trace Pollutants by Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SFE) (abandoned)
521/11/91 - Applications of Negative Ion Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry (abandoned)
521/12/95 - Direct derivatization of organic compounds at trace level concentrations for fluorescence detection and capillary electrophoresis (abandoned)
522/8/95 - Classification of Scanning Probe Microscopies
523/3/89 - Determination of Mercury Species in Environmental and Biological Samples
523/4/89 - Determination of Tin Species in Biological and Environmental Samples
523/10/95 - Determination of Selenium Species in Environmental Samples (abandoned)
523/11/95 - Determination of Iodine Species in Environmental and Biological Samples
524/2/91 - Quality Improvement Programmes (abandoned)
524/3/91 - Method Development and Validation (abandoned)
524/4/91 - Quality Assurance of Environmental Sampling (abandoned)
524/5/91 - Quality Control in Daily Practice (abandoned)
524/7/97 - Quality Assurance in Environmental Analysis (abandoned)
550/52/91 - pH Measurements in Non-Aqueous and Mixed Solvents: Predicting pH RVS (PS) in Alcohol-Water Mixtures
550/54/93 - Classification and Nomenclature of Electroanalytical Techniques
550/55/93 - Analytical Aspects of Chemically Modified Electrodes - Part II: Classification, Critical Evaluation and Recommendation
550/57/93 - Classification and Definitions of Stripping Analysis
560/9/83 - Maintenance and Development of Stability Constant DataBase
560/22/87 - Critical Evaluation of Stability Constants of Metal Complexes (abandoned)
560/37/95 - Influence of Pressure on Chemical Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions - With Particular Relevance to Sea Water
560/39/95 - Development of Materials for Teaching of Solution Equilibria
570/16/91 - Release of 137Cs from Fresh-water and Estuarine Sediments (abandoned)
570/25/95 - Aerodynamics of Radionuclides in Air (abandoned)
583/42/95 - Ammonium Phosphates

5/1/99 - Workshop on Environmental Analytical Chemistry for Regulatory Chemists and Laboratory Managers

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Chemistry and the Environment

620/11/89 - Education in Atmospheric Chemistry
620/20/95 - Modeling Life Time and Degradability of Organic Compounds
620/21/95 - Workshop on Measurement Techniques in Atmospheric Chemistry
620/24/95 -
Photocatalytic and Catalytic Effects on Aerosol Surfaces in the Atmosphere
620/26/95 -
Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Regional Ozone (abandoned)
- Environmental Impacts of Wastewater Reuse - Research Overview (Revised Title)
640/29/91 -
Significance of Long Range Transport of Pesticides in Air (Revised Title)
640/36/93 - Bound Xenobiotic Residues in Food of Plant and Animal Origin
650/77/93 - Unification of Aquatic Biotoxin Nomenclature (abandoned)
650/80/94 - Quality Assessment of Methods for the Determination of Toxicologically Relevant PCB Congeners in Foods
- Chemical Characterization of Garlic Preparations (abandoned)
650/88/96 - Latin American Workshop on Mycotoxins - Methods of Analysis
650/92/97 - Symposium on genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food (abandoned)
660/38/89 - Detection of Cross Contamination by Volatile Industrial Chemicals of Edible Oils Transported in Bulk (Revised Title)
660/39/89 - Determination of Residual Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Edible Oils and Fats (Revised Title) (abandoned)
660/43/91 - Review of Existing Standardized Methods to Meet Environmental Requirements (abandoned)
660/46/93 - Determination of cadmium in oils and fats by Direct Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
660/49/93 - Minimization of Acid Value Determination with Respect to Reagents (abandoned)
660/50/93 - Determination of Stigmastadiene in Vegetable Oils

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Chemistry and Human Health

7/1/99 - Strategies to set global quality specifications in laboratory medicine
700/1/97 - Annotated Bibliography for Appropriate Laboratory Practice and Service (abandoned)
710/26/95 - Nomenclature, Properties and Units in Flow Cytometry (abandoned)
710/28/95 - Nomenclature, Properties and Units of Trace Elements
730/1/96, 2/96, 3/96, 4/96 (abandoned) ; Commission on Components of Quality Systems in the clinical Laboratory disbanded
720/6/95 - Combined Effects of Drugs and Toxic Agents. Recommendations for Study Design, Methods and Evaluation, and Nomenclature (abandoned)
751/1/90 - Terminology in Medicinal Chemistry
770/1/97 - Metabolism Databases and their Potential Utility in the Development of New Drugs
771/1/94 - Chirality and Biological Activity (WP disbanded)

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Other Committees

012/7/87, 8/87, 9/89, 10/93 (abandoned) : Commission on Biotechnology restructured
025/48/96 - Design and Field-Testing of a Teaching Package for Environmental Chemistry

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